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Before you get to work on your yard this season or decide to hire a professional landscaping team, there are a few things to consider. Particularly, how much you should allocate for your landscaping needs. If you are uncertain of costs, or you are asking the question of: “How much should I budget for landscaping?” keep these ideas in mind.

The True Reason You Should Set A Budget

The purpose of a budget is to provide a guideline. It offers a clear and comprehensive financial outline with distinctive parameters. It keeps your finances in check, as you go about completing your project. A useful and realistic budget will enable you to keep track of expenses easily. It should be accurate, and concise so that you can avoid financial exhaustion and the unexpected.

Create a List

Before creating a budget, create a list of things you will need. If you are a gardener, take note of the items you already own, whether equipment or plants. Once you are aware of existing items, you can then build a list that consists of things you will need for your project. This will enable you to spend less and purchase the required items. Be sure to include their costs and calculate their impact on your budget. By undertaking this action, you will be able to create a more defined financial plan.

Be Aware of What You Want to Achieve

While building your budget, being considerate of the improvements you want to make is crucial.  Interlocking, gardening, lawn care or larger and more extensive projects require more materials and also require more labour. These factors will have a significant impact on your budget. Hence, being completely aware of the improvements you want to make is crucial. Having this understanding will help to shape your budget. It will make you more aware of interlock costs and help you to create landscape ideas on a budget.

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Hire A Professional & Discuss the Costs

Once you are clear on the improvements you want to make, hire a professional. They can work with you to improve your budget and advise you professionally. They will also highlight other factors that you may not have considered along the way, such as bylaw requirements which may necessitate certain materials to be used. Overall, a landscape professional will provide a master plan which will include, recommendations, evaluations as well as a distinctive proposal for your landscape project.

Don’t be afraid to speak with your professional about the price tag attached to your desired improvements. Typically, the average cost of landscaping reflects 5 – 10% of your property’s value. However, it is of course based on how much you can afford and the totality of the project.

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