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Steve Suter was raised on a golf course. He grew up working as a groundskeeper, learning the ins and outs of turf, land and terrain care. Steve went on to become a successful businessman for over 20. During this time his passion for the outdoors lingered. In May of 2006, Steve left the corporate world. He wanted to find a business that would complement his business acumen as well as knowledge and love for turf care. Enter Breakaway Landscaping. Today Steve continues to own and operate Breakaway Landscaping as a family business, helping other families realize their landscaping potential.

In the summer of 2007, Steve’s son Doug began to work for Breakaway Landscaping as a part-time student. Doug quickly realized that working outdoors with people from all walks of life, and the large scope that the landscaping had to offer he enrolled in the Humber College Landscape Technician Program. Upon successfully graduating, Doug brought his formal education and working summer experience and initiated the Landscape Construction Division at Breakaway Landscaping, which focuses on completing residential landscape construction.

Today, Doug leads a crew of workers completing a wide array of landscaping jobs to help customers create their ideal outdoor living space.

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