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Driveways, walkways and patios can add character to your home and boost property value at the same time.

At Breakaway Landscaping, our driveway and patio contractors have the expertise to design and install stunning interlock walkways, patios and natural stone landscaping details. For 14 years, we have provided interlock and driveway contracting services to both commercial and residential customers throughout Mississauga, Oakville, Milton and Burlington.

Our professional installers are skilled craftsmen with an attention to detail and commitment to your satisfaction. A superior installation and the highest quality, on-trend materials allow us to create the custom driveways, patios, walkways and specialty natural stone projects your need to enhance the function and beauty of your property.

Interlock Driveways

Interlock remains one of the most aesthetically pleasing accents for your property. High on style and effective in function, interlock offers a highly customized look for your home or business. Today interlock comes in an ever-growing selection of colours, shapes, textures and styles allowing you to create a distinctive look perfectly suited to your home or building.

Breakaway’s creative designers can help you design a stunning driveway with unique detailing. These unique details combined with practical application will increase curb appeal and improve the balance and integrity of your driveway. Interlock is highly durable and can be applied as a complement to your existing driveway or used on its own. We can advise you on the best interlocking stone for your home or business to create an inspired design within your budget.

Interlock Patios

Your back and front yard can be made all the more inviting with a tailor-made patio or front porch designed for impact and usability. Today’s trend for broad, sweeping front porches and welcoming backyard spaces has increased demand for unique, one-of-a-kind designs that allow homeowners to define their sense of style. Our designers will work with you to come up with unique ideas that will improve your curb appeal or outdoor living space, with a focus on affordability, style and quality installation.

We can handle simple residential projects or expansive jobs for large commercial applications.
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Interlock Walkways

Walkways keep your property safe while helping define and direct people to your home and backyard features. They also improve curb appeal while keeping your property safe from tripping hazards. Unique interlock walkways add texture, colour and innovative design elements to your property greatly improving your home’s appeal and value. We can help plot out paths for your walkways leading to your home, around the side of your home to the backyard as well as around pools or other garden features. Commercial applications help lead customers to your front door while discouraging entry to off-limit areas.

Natural Stone Landscaping

Natural stone uses the beauty of nature to add unique design elements to any landscaping project. From a few well-placed boulders to stunning pathways, steps and retaining walls, every element of your landscape gently unifies plants and hardscaping perfectly. Our natural stone contractors offer both design and installation services for natural stone landscaping projects with an impressive selection of natural stone materials and well-planned designs to indulge your sense of style.

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