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Investing in a new lawn can provide the beautifully manicured finishing touch for your home’s curb appeal. Unfortunately, once your new lawn is laid, you could soon find what you dreamed of having and the reality are two different things. It all stems from the proper care in the first few weeks to help establish your lawn.

What you do in those crucial first days can help your lawn not only thrive but also become much lower maintenance. Here are four tips for taking care of your new lawn.

1. Follow a Strict Watering Regime

A new lawn requires far more watering than an established lawn to encourage the roots to grow. In those first few weeks therefore you need to provide consistent moisture with thorough watering two to three times each day. The water needs to soak through the grass and reach the roots for at least a week, preferably a week and a half following your grass being laid or your new seeded grass growing in. That typically takes about five to 10 minutes of soaking. If you experience heavy rains, this is not necessary, but as a rule plan three waterings of about 10 minutes each day for seven to 10 days.

From there, you can relax your schedule to just once a day, but still providing that good soak for about 10 minutes. Follow this schedule for about three weeks, and then decrease to every second day for a month. You can then follow a regular watering regime to keep the lawn healthy. Ideal times for watering are in the morning and evening as you get the best absorption.

2. Fertilize

Don’t get too set on fertilizing your new grass right away. If you have laid sod, the grass will have been fertilized at the time it was harvested, so you can wait at least a month to apply granular fertilizer to your lawn according to proper fall and spring lawn care maintenance.

Lawn care doesn’t have to be difficult. With patience and the right tools, your new lawn will look exceptional! To learn more about residential or commercial lawn care , contact our team at Breakaway Landscaping today!

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3. Let The Blades Grow

Give your grass time to establish a longer than normal height of about 9 to 10 cm before you do your first lawn mowing. Once it reaches this height use a mower with sharp blades and set it to a height of about 6 to 7.5 cm in the summer months. Lawn care and equipment help you maintain the right height to keep your grass healthier and your lawn weed-free naturally. Never mow your lawn right after it rains, or you’ve watered your lawn as this can cause damage and interfere with growth.

4. Avoid Foot Traffic

Ideally, you shouldn’t walk on your new grass for the first seven to 10 days. After that, you still should keep foot traffic to a minimum as this will allow the roots to become firmly established.

These four tips will help your lawn grow lush and green and will remain perfectly manicured with ongoing care.

A green lawn can really enhance your curb appeal. Need help caring for your new lawn? Look no further! All the supplies you need are at Breakaway Landscaping. Contact our team today to learn more.


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