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Roasting marshmallows - 5 Ways to Style Your Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, finding the time to relax or head out with our friends and family is becoming increasingly challenging. As a result, many homeowners have started taking matters into their own hands. Features such as outdoor fire pits and other outside conveniences are being added to enhance the home’s value and make entertaining a little more convenient.

Outdoor fire pits are appearing in the backyards of many homeowners. It delivers such a warm and welcoming feeling, and it serves as a communal outdoor feature. If you’ve been considering an outdoor fire pit for your backyard, here are some unique fire features you can implement.

1. Fire Pits

Fire features are a spectacular element to add to your outdoor living space. They are eye-catching decorative components that add an enchanting charm to your yard. The most common fire feature is an outdoor fire pit. These features can be built in-ground or aboveground depending on preference. However, checking with local authorities before construction is necessary to determine whether it’s allowed or not.

In-ground fire pits are more complex to construct, as they require layers of paver base, concrete blocks, drainage pipes, sand, and patio stones for its finish. Alternatively, aboveground fire pits are easier to build. They require less excavation, a metal insert, a paver base and stone blocks.

As far as determining size, this depends on how many people you are trying to accommodate. Generally, a 3-foot diameter will suffice for 3 – 4 people. However, for a larger group of people, a 6-8-foot diameter is ideal. Overall, adding this pit to your backyard is a popular feature that can be used throughout various seasons.

2. Fire Bowls

As an alternative to fire pits, fire bowls make a very stylish substitute. Plus, they do not require any construction on your end. They can come in a variety of styles and finishes that can accommodate different designs. These bowls stay above ground, making it quite convenient, portable and easy to incorporate as a garden feature.

Fire bowl being used

3. Fire Tables

Fire tables serve dual purposes. It is a remarkable decorative piece that functions as a table and as an outdoor fire pit. Within the middle of these tables, a small fire, operated by electricity or gas makes its appearance. In some outdoor spaces, it is a side table, whereas others use it as the focal point of their living area.

4. Fire Columns

Another outdoor fire feature that makes a great addition is a fire column. These pillars operate similarly to fire tables. It offers a slender design, which contains a small opening that exposes the fire it produces. Fire columns are practical, compact, and ideal for smaller outdoor spaces and patios.

5. Chimineas

Much like a fire pit, a chiminea is used for creating warmth. It looks like a small fireplace, and it is often constructed of metal. Due to its design, the fire is not exposed entirely but rather enclosed, and visible through a hollowed opening. The only downside to this fire feature is that it is only ideal for warm weather.

Breakaway Landscaping Can Build You A Fire Pit

Undeniably, fire pits are one of the greatest features to add to your outdoor area. They create an environment that is cozy, enticing, and suitable for a relaxing evening. If you are thinking about adding fire features to your backyard, we can assist. For the best landscaping around, contact Breakaway Landscaping.  

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