Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Mississauga

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There’s something about a beautifully manicured and maintained lawn that takes a property to a whole new level.

At Breakaway Landscaping, we are your local commercial lawn maintenance experts with 14 years of lawn care experience. We provide the services you need to keep your lawn lush, green and weed-free for a perfectly maintained property that makes an excellent first impression. You can feel confident putting your property in our hands, with a team of fully qualified, insured maintenance experts. We service businesses throughout Mississauga, Oakville, Milton and Brampton.

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Commercial Lawn Care in Mississauga

Those perfectly manicured lawns don’t take care of themselves. It takes careful attention to detail to keep a lawn looking well-groomed and healthy. If you choose to let your lawn go, or try to maintain upkeeping on your own, there are several issues that can ruin your hard work and leave you with a dry, weed filled, unattractive lawn.

Our team understands that a lawn is not just about the grass blades, but also about the health of your soil. We pay close attention to all aspects of lawn health to ensure your lawn is trimmed for optimum height and watered for optimum growth and drought resistance. We also make your lawn strong and thick to help eliminate weeds naturally. With the right care, your lawn remains environmentally friendly and is better prepared to defend itself against nuisances such as weeds and grubs.

Commercial Landscape & Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn requires more attention than you have time to give it. Let our team of fully qualified, insured lawn experts handle the work for you. We know how often to cut the grass, when to water your lawn, how to spot signs of issues like grubs and even the specific height your lawn should be cut to, to maintain optimal health. Lawn care is a science that takes training and experience to understand.

With 14 years behind us, we know we can provide the lawn maintenance service you need for a lush green lawn.
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Commercial Property Maintenance

Chances are there is more to your property than just a lawn. We can provide landscaping and maintenance services for your entire property, in Mississauga and surrounding areas, to keep it looking immaculate all season long. Our commercial services include:

  • Spring and Fall clean up
  • Weekly cutting, trimming and garden maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Fertilization

Whether you are an office tower, medical clinic, condominium or retail outlet, we can attend to all your lawn and garden needs with year-round care. We are happy to stop by to discuss the services required and provide a free consultation on how we can improve the curb appeal of your commercial property.

Condominium Lawn Care

We are experienced in assisting condominiums with property management for their landscaping and lawn care needs. The Breakaway Landscaping team understands the special care required for condo properties and their common spaces as having a well maintained property helps your building and complex maintain its value. This is very important to condo owners who are likely to complain when property maintenance falls behind. Condominium owners have a vested interest in the condition of the property as it affects the value of their units. Our 12-month service package helps your building maintain its value and keep owners happy.

If you would like more information about our commercial lawn maintenance services, contact our team today.

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