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There is a certain joy to planting native trees in our landscaping. Many native trees are popular landscape trees, not only because our climate has made for some beautiful fall displays, but also because you know you’re providing food and shelter for local animals and insects when you do.  

When you plant native species, you can support the local environment while also getting low-maintenance trees that are perfectly in tune with the environment. Here are six of your best options. 

1. Paper Birch 

It’s no contest; the paper birch is one of the best-looking trees for landscaping. No matter the season, the intense white bark of this tree stands out and transforms any space into a scene worthy of a landscape painting. Plus, it has historical value as a traditional source of canoes and other wood products for Canada’s Indigenous Peoples. However, you will need a lot of space to fit one of these into your landscaping. 

2. Red Oak 

This native oak is one of the best privacy trees for a backyard. It can become quite tall in maturity, reaching 18 to 25 metres and provide plenty of shade while blocking your neighbour’s view of your property. It also transplants easily and resists most pests, meaning it should start growing well and keep growing strongly until full-sized.   

3. Amur Maple 

This is the most popular maple tree for ornamental use, and even though it was not originally a native tree, it is now widespread in Ontario. It’s also one of the smallest maples and among the easiest trees to plant as it can tolerate almost all settings, including small spaces. The Amur Maple rarely develops pests and is an excellent addition to any landscape. The Amur Maple can be one of the best trees for small yards.

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4. Crabapple 

You can’t go wrong with showy crab apple trees if you are looking for a small or medium-sized tree for your backyard. Some cultivars descend from native North American trees, although there are also European and Asian varieties. We favour the weeping and vase-like specimens, but you can get these trees in other shapes as well.   

5. Silver Maple Tree 

Few trees look as lovely as the silver maple, which flashes a metallic glint when the wind sweeps the underside of its leaves. As a bonus, this tree grows quickly. While it is widely planted as an ornamental, it still supports native animal life, offering burrowing space and abundant seeds for birds and small mammals. Silver Maple Tree is one of the fast growing trees for Ontario conditions.

6. Blue Ash 

So far, this ash tree is unaffected by emerald ash borer, the invasive species undermining the health of ash trees throughout Ontario. As such, it is a hardy addition to your landscaping and also a native species. It is a narrow but tall tree with glossy leaves, which typically can only be found in the most southern areas of Ontario. 

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