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Putty Knife on Concrete

Driveway cracks aren’t just unappealing—they can also be dangerous. Cracks in concrete or asphalt can become tripping hazards or promote flooding when left unrepaired. In this article, we discuss five things you can do to both prevent and repair driveway cracks.  

 1. Clean Your Driveway

Although there are many cracked driveway repair options, cleaning is always a critical step you must do prior to any treatment or fix.  

Your driveway is completely exposed to the elements, including organic matter. Moss, lichen, fungi and other living things may worsen or create cracks when they start growing on and around your driveway. Plus, when moss and plants grow within existing cracks, they can create tripping hazards and worsen the splits over time. Cleaning your driveway and clearing out cracks is something you should do regularly to care for your driveway. 

2. Fill With Sand

This is a temporary driveway crack repair option. Simply pour sand into large cracks to minimize tripping risks and prevent water pooling. The sand won’t hold up over time, but there’s no doubt this is an extremely cheap and easy method you can perform to fill driveway cracks. 

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 3. Use Concrete  

Mixing and applying concrete to cracks is another inexpensive driveway crack repair option when there aren’t very many cracks and they are not too large.  

If your driveway is in rough shape, we’d recommend getting it professionally re-paved. However, filling just a few small cracks is an easy step you can take to repair the concrete surface. You can find concrete dust at most hardware stores; just make sure to follow all directions and safety procedures closely. Eventually, you’ll end up with a paste you can use to fill in your driveway cracks.  

Make sure to do these repairs when the weather forecast looks good. Otherwise, you risk further cracks and ruining the work you’ve put into your repair.  

4. Use Crack Filler 

This is probably the best way to repair cracks in the driveway since it is so simple and convenient. Simply purchase a bottle of crack filler and slide it into a caulking gun. Then squeeze the paste into the cracks to fill them. This is a better option than mixing concrete because most crack filler products contain extra bonding agents, making it a stronger material to use.  

5. Driveway Sealing and Crack Repair 

Still, wondering how to repair cracks on an asphalt driveway? Sealing is a great step you can do regularly to maintain your driveway and fill in superficial cracks and holes. Sealing it gives it an extra layer of protection against the elements your driveway is exposed to. You can find sealants and driveway resurfacers at most hardware stores or online. Or, you can opt to get it professionally sealed, which may give you better results.  

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