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Outdoor kitchens

When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, these are the times that call for outdoor fun. Having an outdoor kitchen creates an additional living space that offers you convenience and makes it an excellent area for entertaining.

Cutting back on time spent inside is also more economical. As you venture outside, you’re less inclined to use significantly less electricity and other utilities. Instead, you are focused on barbecuing, spending time with your family and friends, relaxing, and simply enjoying the comfort of being around your loved ones.

Are you thinking about spending some more time outside this year? How about giving your outdoor space an upgrade? Here are some outdoor kitchen ideas you can implement in 2020 and beyond.

Mini Refrigerators

When it comes to outdoor kitchen designs, homeowners are becoming well acquainted with creating the perfect outdoor living area. They are thinking of convenience and optimizing the space they have. In addition to a built-in BBQ, many are incorporating mini-refrigerators into their outdoor kitchen design plans. It removes the trouble of going inside for condiments, ice, drinks and other items. Alternatively, it makes everything accessible and readily available.

Pizza Ovens

A pizza oven is another appliance that is making a strong appearance. For individuals that adore the aromatic flavours of homemade pizzas, this makes a great addition. For the nights, you do not feel like using your built-in bbq, a pizza oven offers something different. Instead of just getting together for BBQ, you can make it a pizza night in your backyard.


Another outdoor kitchen trend for 2020 is kegerators. For homeowners interested in having a crisp, thirst-quenching beer at their disposal, kegerators are a part of the new outdoor kitchen trends. It is convenient and for those who love a good ice-cold beer, it is easy for them to satisfy their craving.

Outdoor chairs looking out to backyard and firepit

Fire Pits

If you’re going to be spending more time outside, you certainly need something to occupy your time. After cooking a delicious meal, almost nothing is as relaxing and comforting as curling up by a fire. Fire pits are becoming more common in outdoor kitchen design plans. They are fantastic for s’mores and also for the soothing ambiance it creates.

Unique Lighting

In the warmer months, heading outside in the evening is quite common. At this time, the sun is down, and it is much cooler. Having the proper lighting in your outdoor space brightens the area and creates a warm and welcoming environment. Landscape lighting, decorative lights, string and hanging lights are just some of the lights you can consider.

Breakaway Landscaping Can Help With Outdoor Kitchens

If you’ve been thinking about elevating the appeal of your outdoor space, our experts at Breakaway Landscaping can help. We know all about the latest outdoor kitchen trends, and can help you to modernize your space. Ready to create your outdoor kitchen? Contact the experts at Breakaway Landscaping to get the process started.

Originally posted in 2020. Article Updated 2023.