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Laying new sod is like giving your garden a fresh start, but the real work begins after installation. Proper care ensures your new lawn thrives, so you end up with the lush, green oasis you invested time and energy into. Here is some indispensable advice on post-installation sod care to guarantee your lawn’s success.

1. Initial Watering: The First Step to a Vibrant Lawn

Thorough watering is needed immediately after installation. It settles the soil beneath and ensures the roots have enough moisture to start integrating into their new environment. For the first week, aim to water your lawn daily, preferably in the morning. This timing helps minimize evaporation and reduces the risk of fungal diseases that can take hold in wet, cool conditions.

2. Gradual Reduction in Watering

As your sod begins to establish, it’s important to adjust your watering habits. Gradually reduce the frequency of watering, allowing the top inch of soil to start drying out before the next watering session. This encourages deeper root growth, which is essential for a drought-resistant and robust lawn.

3. The First Cut: Timing and Technique

When your new grass reaches about 3 inches high, it’s ready for its first mow. Opt for a walk-behind mower to avoid putting too much weight on the fresh sod. Mowing too soon or using a heavy mower can disturb the delicate roots, so patience and the right equipment are key.

4. Fertilizing: The Final Touch for Early Growth

After a few weeks, your lawn will benefit from a boost of nutrients. Applying a starter fertilizer replenishes the soil, compensating for minerals washed away during the initial heavy watering period. This step is crucial for supporting the young grass as it builds strength.

Trust Breakaway Landscaping for Your Lawn Care Needs

Proper post-installation care is vital for transforming newly laid sod into a durable and vibrant lawn. By following these steps—thorough initial watering, adjusting watering frequency, careful mowing, and timely fertilization—you set the foundation for a lush, healthy lawn that will beautify your home for years to come.

Does this all sound a little too complicated? We’ve broken it down as best we can, but sometimes, the easiest method for lawn care is to let the experts take over. Contact Breakaway Landscaping today, and let us help you achieve the perfect outdoor space.