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Evergreen trees in fog

Often people overlook the joy their gardens and property can provide throughout the year. As a result, it is common to focus on their garden’s appearance during the spring and summer, with less thought for the fall and winter months. However, you can add more interest, by planting evergreens. This provides a prettier view of your gardens in the colder months, and looks lovely especially when it snows. Here are five trees that stay green all year round.

Lovely Evergreens

First, let’s consider why evergreens stay green throughout the year. They are considered coniferous trees, which experience different growth and maturation cycles than deciduous trees. As a result, while deciduous tree leaves only experience growth in the summer, evergreens have needles that remain green all year round. This is because leaves stop chlorophyll production during the fall and winter, while evergreens continue to provide chlorophyll throughout the year.

Want greenery in your yard all year round? Planting evergreens is your answer! To learn more about evergreens and landscaping, contact our experts at Breakaway Landscaping today!

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5 Beautiful Evergreens For Year-Round Colour

Here are five evergreen trees for your Southern Ontario garden:

  1. Emerald arborvitae: This pretty tree has shimmering emerald, green foliage. Many landscapers choose this tree because it naturally grows in a narrow, pyramid shape so it is low maintenance. It also doesn’t take up an overly large amount of space, growing to 10–15′ tall with a spread of just 3–4′ at maturity. This makes it a good choice for smaller backyards.
  2. Douglas fir: When you picture a classic Christmas tree, chances are you are picturing the Douglas fir. It has bluish-green needles, and many cottage owners love it as it is deer resistant. The Douglas fir grows from 40–70′ tall with a spread of 12–20′ at maturity.
  3. Wichita Blue Juniper: This tree has silvery-blue foliage and is commonly used as a windbreak. Its distinct colour is a pleasure in the winter. While it will reach a similar height to the Emerald arborvitae, it does take up more of a spread at about 4 to 6’ wide. This is why it is often chosen to provide a windbreak.
  4. Norway Spruce: If you prefer something darker, this spruce produces a lovely dark needle. It is also very resilient to the weight of snow while standing up to the muggy summers of Ontario. It is often used for privacy walls as well as for windbreak. However, this is another massive tree you can expect to reach 40–60′ tall and a spread of 25–30′ at maturity.
  5. Black Spruce: This tree gets quite tall and wide, yet has a lovely crown. Many people appreciate this tree for its downward sloping branches and its darker bluish-green needles. It forms a skirt-like bottom that touches the ground and grows to a height of 30 to 50’ with a spread of 20 to 30’ wide at maturity. It is great for birdwatching as it attracts many species of birds to your property.

Adding some greenery to your home can enhance your curb appeal. To learn more about landscaping your yard, contact our team at Breakaway Landscaping today.